Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sesame Street, Mother's Day, and Sully's one month!

At the beginning of the month we (mommy and big boy, baby got to stay home with daddy) went with Danielle and Max to see Sesame Street Live. It was a great show, and while it was a little pricey, it was totally worth it. We had great seats and the boys truly seemed to enjoy themselves. Benjamin didn't stop saying "Elmo" the entire time. Then after the show we went to lunch at El Pueblito. Danielle's bother-in-law works there and treated us to lunch. SO NICE!!! It was delicious and I will definitely be back, except next time I will be a paying customer! :) It was a wonderful morning, it would have been a perfect morning if our friends Jenna and Jax could have been there!! We miss hanging out with them for sure!

Mother's day was pretty uneventful...Derek worked, so he was sleeping, I attempted to take both boys to church by myself, which I have done once before...but this time we didn't make it out of the parking lot. The second we pulled into the church parking lot Benjamin started screaming and crying saying "NOOO CHURCH". If Derek would have been there we would have not tolerated this, however I couldn't carry both a screaming 2 year old and a sleeping newborn, so we left. We went home and grabbed my mom's Mother's Day gift and took it to her, then went back home and got ready to go to the Grizzlies game with Derek's family. The game was very fun and the weather was perfect! Overall it was a nice day.

I cannot beleive that my baby boy is already one month old!!! He weighs close to 12 pounds, which amazes me. Benjamin was never a chubby baby, so to see Sully with all his roles cracks me up. He is doing great! He lost ALL of the hair on top of his head, so he looks like and old man, it is hilarious! Hopefully new hair will grow in soon. Sully doesn't like to be swaddled at all...he loves for his hands to be free. He is a very loud baby. He doesn't cry a lot but he is constantly moaning and groaning, even when he is sound asleep. Sully still wants to be fed every 2 hours 45 min. Hopefully this will change soon, it would be really nice to get some good rest! I go back to work onm Monday, and I am sad to leave him!

On a side note, Auntie Lauren and Uncle Alex's engagement party is this Saturday at Toledo's, YUM, and then we are going wedding dress shopping on Sunday. Talk about a fun weekend!!!