Monday, November 14, 2011

October update..late I know

Hello friends! Even though it is mid November (YIKES) I want to do an october update on our little life together! Things have been crazy and time is moving WAY too fast. Our little Sully bug is already 7 months old (November 1st) and I can hardly believe it. He is so precious and so handsome! And Benjamin is...well...2 1/2, that pretty much explains his moods lately....He is so sweet one day, and the next he is acting crazy! He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing! He is so full of personality!
What Sully is up to....
- Will rock back and forth on all fours (not ready for him to crawl!)
- Is eating carrots, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, apple sauce, pears, banans, rice cakes...and little bites here and there of whatever we are eating. ( I make all of his babyfood, just like I did with Ben...SO EASY!)
- He likes to have screaming competitions with Ben
-  He loves his big brother...even though at times Ben has a hard time remembering to be gentle.
- Can sit up for LONG periods of time
- He likes playing with toys by himself
- He likes to stand up and play with his bead maze
- Sully loves to cuddle and nuzzle his cute little face into my chest...although recently he nuzzles and then BITES.
- He has two adorable bottom teeth and the two top teeth will be here in the next couple of weeks!
Sully is such a sweet baby and we are loving watching his little presonality come out! He has added so much to our family and I cannot wait to watch the realtionship with him and his big brother to grow!
What Ben is up to...
- He goes to school on Mondays...he likes it and is learning a lot. He is already learning site words!
- He LOVES mac n' cheese. Whenever we go out to eat he always orders it, yes we make him order his food! It's so cute too.
- Ben would spend all day everyday outside if he could.
- He loves the park and plays so well with other kids at the park
- Still loves oatmeal with peanutbutter
- Ben loves buliding castles with his blocks
- Ben loves to read books with mommy and daddy
- He loves his baby brother and thinks all babies are "Sully". He is sharing his toys and tries to help when he can.
- His favorite thing to say is "stop it, please"
- Ben loves to help make dinner
- He likes to pretend to be Prince Charming....I pretend I am asleep and he comes over and gives me a kiss to wake up and says "I'm Prince Charming"

We did the rounds for Halloween...started at my parent's house, his friend Max's house then Derek's parent's. We took Ben tirck or treating. This was his first year going and he was a pro! He went up to all the doors by himself, rang the door bells, said trick or treat, thank you and Happpy Halloween! Cound not have been any cuter! Benjamin was a elephant, which I took forever, and Sully was going to be a peanut, which I also made, but no one could tell he was a peanut, so last muite we put him in Ben's robot costume from last year. My boys were just so cute I could hardly take it! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving...this will be the first Thanksgiving Derek has had off so we are really looking forward to that! I feel kind of bad for Thanksgiving because I feel like it is an overlooked sad. But we are totally going to enjoy November and take time to be thankful for all we have!

Big boy!

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