Sunday, January 1, 2012


January: Playdates with friends and preparing for Sully
February: Last vacation as a family of three...Sea World and the San Diego Zoo
March: Last month as a family of 3
April: Sullivan...need I say more?
May: 1st mothers day as a mother of two!!
June: Our Benjamin turned 2!!!!!
July: Sully and I visited NC and daddy and Ben went to the beach house
August: Derek and I celebrated out 7 year wedding anniversary!
September: Hot air balloons
October: Trick or Treating
November: Thanksgiving fun, we decorated turkey cookies with Maxxy
December: Christmas time!!!!!

It was incredibly hard to choose just 12 pictures...I could have chosen 12 per month, but that would have been boring for you I'm sure!!! We have been incredibly blessed this past year and we are so looking forward to the new year...I know amazing things are coming our way, including my new job that I start TUESDAY!


  1. Found you through Kelly's Korner. I'm from so. IL, too! The wine tasting you did looks like it's at a winery near Vienna...would that be the case?

  2. I actually live in California...sorry for the confusion...We can still be blog friends