Wednesday, August 3, 2011


  This week has gone by quickly! On Monday we went to the beach for the day. SO much fun! Benjamin was scared of the beach at took him about 20 minutes to stop freaking out at the waves ,which we were not even close to, but once we put up the tent and started playing in the sand he started to warm up. Sully was such a happy camper out on the beach. He didn't fuss once all day. That baby LOVES to be outside. Actually, both of my boys would much rather be outside then inside. Ben begs us to play outside, we almost always let him, if weather permits! Benjamin enjoyed building sand castles, looking for rocks, looking for seashells, snacking on junk food (who doesn't eat Pringles while at the beach?!?!) and playing with his dry erase board. Sully enjoyed sleeping and looking at the waves while sitting in his bumbo! Benjamin never made it down to the water, but he did get close! We are going back to the beach for the weekend with Derek's family and I am hoping that he is a little more adventurous...and I think he will be since his cousins will be with him! On the way home Benjamin was a tired boy and slept for maybe 30 minutes and he woke up in pain because I think his foot fell I pretty much spent the whole ride home holding his hand from the front seat and singing him songs, which was actually really cute and fun! I live for days like that and I am lucky that I have days like that a lot! My boys are so precious and I just love them so much!!! How Derek and I ended up with such wonderful and ADORABLE children is a mystery to me!!!

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