Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mary Monday...even though it is still Sunday :)

  There I go, almost another whole week without bad! This past week has been say the least. Nothing has really happened, but I am just exhausted. Sully has been extra moody lately. It's not that he is grumpy all the time, he just wants to be held ALL THE TIME. Which of course at times is nice, but when we also have a two year old it is impossible for us to hold Sully all the time. He is drooling a lot, so maybe he is getting his teeth, but maybe not...who really knows. It has just been extra exhausting the last few days! I would love to say that it is amazing and we are loving every second of every day...but that isn't realistic. Parenting is hard and is not always fun! It has also been hard for Derek and I to adjust to having two kiddos lately. We are just so tired and so focused on our kids that we are finding that we MUST schedule time for just us.
 Speaking of time for just us...we will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary one week from today, which I think I have already mentioned, but I just cannot believe that we have been married for 7 years already!!!
 This past week Benjamin and Sully have really started to interact which each other. Benjamin will go up to Sully and tickle him and make silly faces and noises at him, and Sully will just laugh and laugh! It is seriously one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Other times when Benjamin gets in Sully's face he looks at me with this deer in the head lights. "mommy, help"  Poor guy! Benjamin better watch out though, it won't be long until Sully outweighs Benjamin! I pray every night that Benjamin and Sullivan grow up to be great friends and truly love each other. I want them to stand up for each other and get each other's backs! That is one of the reasons we wanted them to be so close in age, so that they can truly relate to each other. I can't wait for them to be on the same sports teams (or band) together and to see them grow as brothers! I will leave you with this...I walked in after doing dishes...poor Sully!!!