Friday, May 4, 2012


   looks like I will just be posting once a month until school is out (I am a teacher).....which is not ideal but I am doing the best I can here! I am doing a link up with Kelly, so I will do a little background before my usual update... Summer break will start at the end of May for me! Yay! More time with my little boys and my hubby. Being a working mom is tough to say the least. At times I feel stretched so thin that I am going to break...but most of the time I manage. I truly love my job and feel as though I was put on this earth to be a teacher, it is definitely my calling in life. I am always nervous to say that because I feel like stay at home moms judge me about that statement, or I feel like there is something wrong with me because I choose to work....But it works for our family. And, let's face it teaching is the best job for a mom. Summers off, holidays off and I work in an industry that is very family oriented and when I need to take a day here or there because they boys are is encouraged. We also are lucky because my husband is a police officer and works 9pm-7am (and while it is a stress on me, and him, that his life is in danger every time he leaves for work,and no one seems to understand that except police officers and their wives, but that is a whole other post on its own) it is amazing for our family. My husband's days off are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays...and I am in a job share so I only work Monday-Thursday, which means that our boys only go to daycare for 2 days.
     Now, onto what we have been up to lately, I am the Matron (sounds so old) of Honor for My DEAR friend Lauren. It has been such fun planning showers and her bachelorette party. For her bachelorette party we went wine tasting in Paso Robles. It was a blast!!!!
I cannot believe that the wedding is next Friday, a week from today!!! It is going to be such a beautiful day!

                                                                     All of the ladies!
                                                                     Wine Tasting
                                At one of the wineries they let you hit golf balls into the vineyard!

   My little boys have been so much fun lately, well always really, but especially lately. They have been playing so much together. I am so glad that my two boys are so close in age, 3 in June and 1. They are already such great friends and I know that they will be best friends in the years to come. My boys have SO much fun together that I am almost convinced that I only want boys! Especially since they are so close in age! There is nothing like a bond between brothers! I see it with my husband and his brothers and I already see it with my boys.
                              Another day at the zoo, a zoo membership was the best money ever spent!

                                                                     Happy Sully!
                                            Friday Fun Day! Aqua sand and ocean animals.
                                                                  Painting flower pots.
                                               A first: Sully fell asleep while in his highchair.

                                                        Planting flowers in our flowerpots.
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