Friday, July 27, 2012


Welcome to my blog, thanks for joining me in SUYL...displaying pictures!

I love my pictures here! I think I need a small table below though, what do you think?

This is our bedroom! I am obsessed with shelves, I love them and I love decorating them.

The back of our couch in our living room. The frame with the hand prints and foot prints
was my mother's day gift that my hubby thought of all by himself...very pinterest of him!
I love it!!!

This is where I put all of our "nice" photographs...meaning the ones that we have professionally taken.

I need to add pictures, or something, to our hallway..but we are in an older home and the hallway is very I am hoping I get some ideas while looking through your posts! Oh, and I just started with SUYL last week so below is a post that includes pictures of pretty much my whole house, so take a look.


  1. Love the pictures walls! And I agree with you, I think a table of some sort to go under the first picture! I need to do this same thing to get some advice from people in the decorating department! haha =)

  2. I know, the reason I haven't put one there is because it would need to be a pretty narrow table because I don't want it to get in the way of walking space....but then I am worried that it will not be stable enough to hold up to my kiddos! Ugh...I guess it will just be one of those things where I will probably find the perfect table when I am not looking for it.

    1. Exactly! =) you'll find something! =)