Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Plan

Derek and I have been talking A LOT about what "the plan" is....meaning what are we going to do with our lives in the future. Do we want to buy another house, do we want more children (yes, but when), would it be better for me to stay home and not work, or do I want to look for full time work (I currently work as a teacher but I am in a job share contract so I only work 4 days a week)...all questions that have been discussed a lot at the Scott household over the last few months. So where are we at right now....we will not be moving anytime soon, in fact we are going to refinance our house. We are not upside down or anything like that, thankfully, but our interest is a lot higher then what is being offered right now. We bought our house right when houses in our are became affordable about 3 years ago. We have a very nice house...it was a fixer upper which we fixed up, but then our house caught on fire and our insurance company was amazing and we were able to rebuild from the frame up and now we have a beautiful home. The only problem is that eventually we will outgrow it....it is 1650 sq. ft. has a great layout, but once this kids are older and want their own space it will get tricky. Our house has three bedrooms and the bedrooms are actually a very good size, so once we have the third baby we will just have the boys share the bigger room. So...moving...not right now, and we are both really at peace with that. So baby.....probably soon.....then the whole working/not working plans will fall into place (not going to really talk about that on here).
Three kids....my brain, at times, has a super hard time comprehending life with 3 kids...I mean life with two kids...especially BOYS is crazy. They are always on the move always wanting to Go Go Go...which I LOVE but adding another little one into that mix seems overwhelming at times. But....we for sure want another baby, and we want the next baby to also be close in age to our other 2. I am sure we are going to get our fair share of people thinking we are NUTS...to have 3 kids 4 and under...I can understand why they may think that....but hey we are NUTS and we are ok with that. ha!
I am sure that we are going to get a lot of "are you wanting a girl" and a few months ago I would have answered "yes!!!" but to be honest I have really come to terms with the fact that we are probably going to have three boys....and I am really excited about that. I am excited to be the team mom for soccer, t-ball, baseball, chess, choir...lol or whatever else the boys want to be apart of! I am excited for vacations spent camping and getting dirty! And, let's face it not dealing with the whole "mean girl" phase of life sounds pretty sweet!!!!
So that's the plan....it will be interesting to see if our plan matches with what actually happens in our lives!!! Whatever does happen I know we will be happy and ready, as a family, to tackle anything that comes out way!

And here are some pictures because this post was a lot of writing...and I never like to read blogs that don't have pictures (sorry, but the truth)
Sully had pudding for the first time....I think he liked it!

What boys do best...playing outside!

We made Dino Eggs!!! (flour, water and cotton balls...then bake) They kept them busy for HOURS!


  1. My husband and I have also been thinking a lot about our plans. We just refinanced our house as well for the exact same reason. Our interest rate was way high and we got it lowered to an unbelievably lower rate and lowered our house payment by almost $300 a month! It's great. So no moving for us anytime soon! And we're still thinking on the baby thing =) Good luck to you guys!!!

  2. I am hoping we can lower our monthly payment by that much! That would be amazing. Good luch with your plans to Johannah!