Sunday, July 1, 2012

Benjamin's 3rd birthday

It's true! Our first born, Ben, turned three yesterday! I just cannot believe he is three already, where did the time go. Benjamin is just such a wonderful blessing and has added so much joy to our lives. We love our baby big boy so much!

All about Ben

Likes: anything sweet, playdough, bugs, playing outside, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, his guys, cheese, Sully (brother), his cousins, Max, Jax, reading books, trains table, puzzles, coloring, magnets, Ella (dog), Mini pancakes, painting, park...the list really could go on and on, he is one happy boy!

Dislikes: flies, hand being dirty (except if he is outside), meat (unless it is chicken), time outs, going up high.

(I asked him these)
Favorite color: White
Favorite food: Grilled Cheese
Best friend: Max and Jax
Favorite song: Twinkle little star and Jesus loves me
Favorite book: Animal book
What he wants to be: Police man like daddy
Favorite show: Puss in Boots
Favorite toy: Playdough

Here are some pictures from his Birthday party...candy themed!

                                                           Benjamin and his friends!
                                                        Looking for bugs in the "jungle"
                                                              "I see you, mommy"
                                                   Frosting and skittles, part of his cake!
                                                             My happy little family!
                                                                      Every kids dream!


  1. What a wonderful, marvelous family. You ate a gem of a mommy.

  2. Super cute party! Love it! =)