Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Friday

 Today was a BUSY day! It started with Benjamin waking up in a not so great! We needed to be out the door by 9:40am to go to our last church summer play group that starts at 10:00. With Ben in a bad mood I contemplated several times about NOT going to play group, but I went, and believe it or not we left on time!!! We stayed at playgroup for about an hour, then Ben and I dropped off Sully with his Nina and Papa. Then Benjamin and I went home and picked up Derek and went to the Home Decorating Show at the Fair Grounds. We were at the home show for a couple hours then we left picked up Sully, came home and took naps. After nap time Sully and I went to dinner with Lauren at Olive Garden!!! Yummy! Derek got Ben ready and his Nina and Papa picked him up and took him to a concert in the park. I got home, Derek was at work and shortly after Ben came home, I put the boys to bed and now I find myself watching Say Yes to the Dress in bed while cruising the Internet! Long day, but a fun day.
  On a side note, not really having to do with my family...just something I would like to rant about...ha... It really bothers me when people act like their life is if they never have marriage problems....kid problems....friends problems, etc.... I mean seriously I am so sick of people constantly posting about their AMAZINGLY PERFECT husband, AMAZING huge house, PERFECT kids that never throw tantrums, HUGE shopping sprees... I just feel as though there is something so fake about portraying your life to be so perfect. Yes, it is wonderful to be thankful for what you have and to recognize the good in life...but at the same time I feel as though there is a fine line between acknowledging the good and  gloating about your life/trying to out do others. There truly in no such thing as the "perfect" anything. I feel like when people say that have it all going on, it makes others feel bad about themselves, and that is just not okay in my book. I feel like this is why a lot of marriages fail, nobody is honest about life...and that things at times are hard, and that things are not always perfect. You have these ideas in your head of how your life should does this idea get in your head...movies, books, other when your life doesn't stack up to the movies, books or other people's lives (or the life they portray) you think you have failed or you feel like your are not as good. I have never liked when people try to make other people feel less of themselves or bad about their situations in life....okay I am done. :)


  1. I so agree about your rant. I've found that people are insanely positive about their lives on the point that you have to wonder what they are hiding. Seriously! Nobody has the perfect life. Being happy and content and appreciative of what you have is one thing, it's all those people who have that plus everything else that's so awesome and amazing and perfect. Sheesh!

  2. Ha....I'm glad u agreed and saw where I was coming from. I almost erased this post... I do that often after a rant so that I don't sound rude...LOL

  3. this kind of hits home for me. I asked a friend about something I was always seeing on facebook (my husband is so good to me/perfect/wonderful because _____), and she said that usually people will hide behind those kinds of statements because they get overwhelmed by the failures they see in their lives. she equated it to how the biggest sinners seem to be the one who wear the biggest crosses or go to church the most- some people have horrible marriages and they hide it with these statements- or, it's wishful thinking. I dunno, my heart really goes out to people who say things like that now.