Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Timeless Tuesday and North Carolina

 Today is Timeless Tuesday for me....I will choose one thing that happened that week that was special to me. I decided to do this because it is so easy to focus on the negative that happens in our lives and not often enough to I say "thanks" for the amazing things that happen daily.
  This past week I came home from North Carolina. Sully was with me but Benjamin stayed home with his daddy. I missed Benjamin, and his daddy, very much. I was so excited to see Benjamin!!! I got home from LAX around 4 in the morning, and I so badly wanted to go and wake him up right then...but I didn't. I did however, go into his room and watch him sleep for a minute or so...he is so precious. Then that morning he woke up, his daddy fed him breakfast, he still didn't know I was home. Then  I called to him, "Benjamin"....it only took one call until I heard his adorable little footsteps down are hardwood floors as he came running to our room. I was on the floor with my arms wide open! He saw me and started jumping up and down and did this sweet little dance! It was the perfect moment. He then ran into my arms for a "squeeze" and a hug! this lasted about 5 minutes, he asked for his Sully, then he was over it and we were right back into regular life, ha! Such and nice homecoming!

  I was in North Carolina visiting, Jenna, a good friend of mine. Our friend Danielle, her two year old and her sister Stacie also went to visit. We had a great time. It was the first time I had been to North Carolina, and I was excited to visit a new place and of course catch up on some much needed mommy friend time. I would have loved to take Benjamin with me since Jenna's son and Danielle's son were both born the same month Ben was, but it would have been too hard to take both kids by myself...and I just couldn't leave Sully yet! It was actually nice to get some one on one time with Sully though! Here are some pictures from the trip!
Sully and I at Myrtle Beach                                  Jenna and Jax, Danielle and Max, Me and SullySully Bear was very sleepy from all the traveling!   

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  1. It looks like a wonderful time away. We will be going to Myrtle later in the summer.