Monday, July 25, 2011

Mary Monday

 We had a pretty uneventful weekend over here. Derek worked all weekend and doesn't have a day off until Wednesday...which means I am playing the role of a temporary single mommy...ha. On Saturday I took the boys to my folks house, Ben and I watched the movie Panyo (SP?) It was a super cute movie, and Ben loved it. Then I had every intention to put the boys down for a nap and go lay out by the pool, but instead I fell asleep with the boys and we all took a long nap! It was nice to catch up on some sleep. Once we woke up we went to Derek's parent's for dinner and swimming with cousins, fun! Sunday the boys and I went to church. We go to church most Sundays by ourselves, which is not ideal and I wish Derek would go more, but he is either getting off of work at 7 am on Sunday morning...or has work Sunday night and has tried to stay up late Saturday so he needs to sleep.Church is important to us, and we want to raise our kids going to church, so right now it is my responsibility to get us there...and most Sundays we do get there...I know Derek would like to be there with us, but he has a job where he needs to be 100% alert...and if that means getting sleep on Sunday mornings then so be it. Church has been great lately, I finally feel as though I am really connecting to the people there which is a good feeling. So get this, there has been something like 6 or 7 babies born in the past 5 months or so. That is a lot for our church considering there are only about 200 fun! After church I went to Panera and then went to visit the boy's great grandma. I guess we did a lot, but I was by myself with the boys for the most part, so not my favorite.
  Today Ben and I met Danielle and Max at the movies. We took the boys to see Winnie the Pooh, it was adorable. It was only about an hour long so it was the perfect movie to take two busy two year olds that sentence has a lot of to/twos...ha.
  Being a mom of two boys is hard sometimes, I feel tired all of the time, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My boys, including Derek, are my life, and every day I pray that I become a better wife and a better mommy. Most days I go to bed thinking, "I should have done this differently....I should have done that differently". In fact, not most days...everyday! It is hard, but I am working on it!

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