Friday, July 1, 2011

June....I know a little late!

Summer is officially here. I am off of work and have been enjoying all the fun that the summer has to offer. The adjustment from one child to two has really not been as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Benjamin has done really well with his new role as Big Brother! Sullivan is just a joy, and we are growing more in love with him everyday.

We have been to several Grizzlies game this year. We bought season tickets for every Wednesday and Thursday home game. The games have been a blast and the boys do so great at them. Sullivan usually sleeps or just looks around at his surroundings, and Benjamin loves clapping and cheering! So much fun and a great summer activity.

  We have been working with Benjamin on his letters, and I would say he knows over half of them. We are not pushing it too hard because he is so young, but he is such a smart boy and already knows colors and most of his shapes, so it was the next thing on the list! He loves practicing and playing "letters".

  Sullivan celebrated his two month birthday on June 1st. I cannot believe that he is two months old already. Time is going by way too fast. He is such an easy baby. He finally started sleeping longer then 3 hours at night, which has been amazing. And now, even towards the end of the month, he will sleep 7 hours straight at night. Such a life saver! During the day he wants to eat about every 3 hours. He had his two month check up and he already weighs over 15 lbs.! We have a big boy on our hands. It is so funny that Ben was 9 lbs. when born and is now so skinny and Sully was small, 7.12 lbs., when born and is now so big! Sullivan loves to smile, look into mirrors, play on his play mat and loves to be held. Sullivan does NOT like tummy time or dirty diapers, but other then that he is a happy baby. We took Sully swimming for the first time. He didn't cry at all, in fact he seemed to really enjoy it. This didn't surprise me since he LOVES baths. Unfortunately the pictures I have of him in the pool is on my in-laws camera, so I need to still get those from them. It is so much fun watching his personality come out.
In the middle of the month we (my mom, the boys and I) went to Gilroy Gardens. I have heard of it through a couple of friends and was so excited to take Benjamin. Benjamin had a blast going on all of the rides and playing h the water. He was a little timid at first, which is typical Benjamin, but one he went on his first ride he was in LOVE! He has a very serious face while riding most rides, but once the ride stops he would say "more rides" , and even cry if we couldn't go for a second time! His favorite ride was the fishy ride, so cute. I highly recommend Gilroy Gardens to anyone who has kids ages 1-6. So much fun! In fact it is so fun that we bought a season pass!

Benjamin also celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday June, 30th. We spent the day with his cousins going to Storyland, Playland and McDonalds. We had such a fun day. His birthday party will be this Saturday, so I will do a whole birthday post once we have his party.


  1. Hi there! Found you through Jenna's blog hop and just knew I had to comment when I saw that both of our babies are "April Fools"! My Maggie was also born on April 1st! She was due 4/16, but a blood pressure check on 3/31 convinced my doctor that she was ready to come out sooner. She was 7#2oz and 19 it definitely wasn't too soon. Her big sister was 5 days early and 6#11oz and almost 21 inches. I see that your "big boy" was 22 months when he became a big brother and my "big girl" was 32 months. It's been a tough few months for her to adjust, but she is doing great now.

    I'll make sure to stop back by for another "visit"! :)

  2. Hey...Just stopped in from Jenna's blog and saw you had two little boys!! They are too cute and I love the name Sullivan!! I have an almost 3 week old baby boy and his big brother just turned 2....2 days after he was born!! I enjoy reading blogs who have the same age kids/boys as me! I look forward to following you!!!

  3. Look at your sweet babies!! A great idea for letter/sound recognition is The Letter Factory DVD. My son learned his letters very early and knew all of their sounds too (before he was 3) simply from the song he learned on the DVD! :)

    PS you stopped by my blog titled "sandy sunday" and asked if it's hot where we live. We live in MI and it does get hot here(into the 90's) The sand stays cool with the cover on and we also have it in a shady spot which helps! The kids love it!! :)

  4. Hi there! Stopping by from Jenna's Commenting Challenge :)
    Your babies are so adorable! What a big guy for knowing all of those letters! I love the cards you have the letters on... I'll have to make some of those!